The writing preparation techniques, such as list making, help the writer become aware of dual tracks, contradiction, natural humor, and emotional connection. We discover that the ability to inhabit characters well is a matter of getting out of our own way. Once the characters have established themselves in the monologs, and a flow is created, it is a simple matter to have them interact with each other.

The techniques I present here can lead you to vibrant, real characters involved in present, human dramas. Anyone who commits to the exercises in my workshop will end up with a number of useful monologs, dialogs and scenes. They can be the beginning of your own novel, play, solo show, or other theatrical project.

In the intensive workshops, move from these techniques to learning to work with plot, editing and structure, dramatic arc and following the characters’ journeys.

Work with specially designed exercises that make creation of characters exciting and effortless. Learn how to plan scenes, flesh them out, and coordinate that exposition with discoveries made during the writing process. Techniques are applicable to stage and screen writing.

Those interested in joining the workshop should contact Cheryl King at [email protected]


Cheryl is available for private coaching, via phone, email or in person.


Writing Your Heart Out

Student Quotes about  the

Writing Workshop


I am constantly praising your name any chance I get to anyone who will listen. I've never felt more proud of my work since I started writing with you. Thank you for having the ability to bring out great work in me...


I  just wanted to thank you for the great workshop. I have had a script idea which I have been putting off for over a year and after Thursday, I can't stop writing...


I went to Cheryl's writing workshop on Thursday night for the first time and now understand why I've been hearing raves! The writing exercises and timed exercises really freed me up. The timed writing and the emphasis on getting exposition out such as WHO, WHAT AND WHERE, quickly but at the top of the character's intelligence focused the exercise…


I  just had a session with Cheryl King this past Saturday. She is amazing; I thought I had a problem with writing dialogue but I guess it's all about channeling, focus…


I wanted to let you know how wonderful Saturday's workshop was for me. The realization that I can write dialogue was also a major breakthrough for me. This may sound corny, but I feel it's been life-altering for me. I cannot thank you enough for the internal exploration you helped facilitate in me.

Ongoing workshops

Tuesdays, 11:30-2:30 and Saturdays, 12:45-3:45 pm

$40 per session

at Stage Left Studio

214 West 30th Street 6th floor

NYC, 10001

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