Solo shows are gaining respect in the theatrical community, and solo show workshops abound. But most of these workshops are geared to get ideas out of your head and onto the page. They don’t take you much further than that.

So what are beginning solo artists supposed to do with their freshly-minted material? It’s not yet ready to be produced. It’s not fully edited. It’s not complete.

Finally, there’s an answer to the question, “How do I take the next step?”

Cheryl King and Theresa Gambacorta have teamed up to provide that answer – it’s The Next Step.

This advanced solo show workshop is for people who have written their shows, done the first workshop, and now wish to move on to fully production-worthy projects.

So what’s different about The Next Step? It’s the focus on refining – refining your vision, refining your text, and refining your performance. This process requires intensive work, a focused environment, and dedicated instructors who have dedicated time to give ample individual attention to your project.

Cheryl King and Theresa Gambacorta are uniquely qualified to provide that individual focus.

Cheryl King has been working as a solo writer/performer for 35 years. With years of work in mime, standup comedy, sketch comedy, improv and theatre, and vast experience as an acting coach, director and dramaturge, she’s eminently qualified to help you polish and produce your solo play.

Theresa Gambacorta has years of theatrical experience, and academic excellence to bring to the table. She too has years of experience as a director and dramaturge, and acclaim from the theatrical community.

With these two women as your guides, you will be able to edit, polish, refine, rehearse, and then perform your solo show at Cheryl’s theatre, Stage Left Studio, all in a fun-filled, passion-inspired 8-week process.


“Taking your solo show from the page to the stage”

Co-taught by Cheryl King and Theresa Gambacorta



THE NEXT STEP WORKSHOP is a six-week workshop (followed by two weeks of rehearsal and performance) that focuses on further developing selected work- in- progress solo plays and making them performance-ready. The workshop is performance-based and complemented by additional discussion and assignments that include:

• Dramaturgical and story work on your script.

• Physical and Character work.

• Acting challenges that are specific to the solo performer.

• Production values and aesthetics of solo performance: lighting, sound, multi-media, set, the value of limitations.

• How to market and self-produce your solo play.


The culminating experience of THE NEXT STEP WORKSHOP is THE NEXT STEP WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE. This performance is a great opportunity to showcase your new piece with professional direction, light and sound design.

In addition to a supportive and inspiring group dynamic to work in, Cheryl and Theresa will provide two hours of individual coaching, and tech time for workshop members to perform their work for an invited audience at Stage Left Studio, NYC’S Premiere solo show venue.

DATES: mid-June to mid-August, 2012 – with specific dates and times to be set during the enrollment process




WORKSHOP is limited to eight participants.


1. Scripts must be original, un-produced works.  Please include a maximum of 20 pages of material from the work.

2. Please include a one-page synopsis with what you envision to be the theme, plot, and length of play. Feel free to include any other support materials.

3. All themes are encouraged.

Email submissions to [email protected] 


Classes and performances will all be at Stage Left Studio, 214 West 30th Street, 6th floor, NYC.


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