Cheryl is artistic director for Sola Voce - the Solo Show portion of the Estrogenius Festival


Cheryl King, the driving force behind Cheryl King Productions, is the creator and producing director of Stage Left Studio, in NYC, was resident acting coach at All My Children from 2007-2010, and is a playwright, director and actor.  


She first began writing for herself as a mime, in 1979. In 1982 she wrote her first standup comedy routine, and within two months had embarked on her career as a touring comic. She worked in most of the US for the following 13 years – first as an opening act, moving quickly to middle act and for her last five years as a headliner. She moved to NYC in 1989, and wrote her first solo show, “not a nice girl” in 1996. “not a nice girl” was produced in LA, NYC, Chicago and Ft. Collins, CO. She studied acting with Carol Fox Prescott (NYC) and Rod Menzies (LA), playwriting with Jeffrey Sweet (NYC) and improvisation with Gary Austin (NYC) and Michael Gellman (Second City).


She began teaching writing workshops in 1999, both in NYC and in Los Angeles, traveling to LA from her NYC base every six weeks to teach multiple workshops. In NYC, she teaches a weekly writing workshop, which has generated several plays, including Michelle Ramoni’s June and Nancy, and Margaret Morrison’s Home in Her Heart, which Cheryl also directed.


Cheryl created the long-running series Forbidden Kiss LIVE which plays monthly at Stage Left Studio, and for which she regularly writes sketches for herself and other cast members. She wrote the Adventures of Naughty Nurse Elza for Elza Zagreda, portions of which have been performed in Forbidden Kiss LIVE and which will be presented as a full-length show in 2014.


She regularly creates new sketches for The Podcasters, an episodic play for herself and TC Corwin, which is performed in Forbidden Kiss LIVE and will be presented at Stage Left in 2014. She has served as dramaturge for over 50 actor/playwrights, including award-winning playwright/performers Joe Hutcheson and Frank Blocker. She is currently writing a full-length play for 7 characters, and adding to a collection of 10-minute plays.





Cheryl was featured Feb 07 in online mag sugarzine


Cheryl was named a "Person of the Year" by nytheatre.com


Cheryl is a regular judge at Manhattan Monologue Slam. Here she is at the judge's table with Robert Russell at the March 09 Slam.

FEB 5, 2010


honors Cheryl (and others) for Extraordinary Volunteer Service, 2000-2010

for her work as the curator for Sola Voce, the solo show portion of the Estrogenius Festival

Cheryl is "a matriarch of the Off Off Broadway solo scene" says Craig Bridger, in a Mar 2010 article on solo shows in the New York Times

NY Times article

All Alone

Actor-writer-director-producer Cheryl King discusses the acting challenges of one-person shows.

By Cheryl King


April 2, 2010


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Director/dramaturge credits include:


Cyndi Freeman – Inside Cherry Pitz

Beth Bongar – Jews Don’t Join the Circus

Anne Wally – Blue Car

River Huston – Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment

Cheryl Smallman – Dreamless

Susan Rankus - Renaissance

Theresa Gambacorta – Breaking the Glass, The Vegas Project

Marlene Nichols – No Change Given

Joe Hutcheson – Miss Magnolia Beaumont Goes to Provincetown, Geography of a Nervous Breakdown, Son of a Hutch

Frank Blocker – Southern Gothic Novel, Stabilized Not Controlled

Taren Sterry – 180 Days

Karen Thibodeau – I Do, I  Do, in Delhi

Margaret Morrison – Home in Her Heart, The Loves of Miss Jimmie LeRoy

Elizabeth Claire Taylor – Finding Elizabeth Taylor

Karen Sklaire – Drama at the Point

Erica Herd – Alzheimer’s Blues

William LoCasto plays - 4:01, TEST



The Adventures of Naughty Nurse Elza

Expiration Date, by Rose-Marie Brandwein

Human Earrings, a play by Cheryl King

Dead Weight, by Christine Rosensteel

JayZ&Me: A (Fast) Talking Memoir, by Brenda Cullerton

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